True nomad experience. Ger was beautiful. Service and staff were great. Horse back ride with Dondog was wonderful-saw cranes and about 25 argali sheep. Truly a Mongolian trip.
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Director of the Resort Mrs. J.Purevsuren

Mr. Batbold

Founder Steppe Nomads LLC

Languages: English and Russian

Mr. Batbold founded Selena Co. Ltd in 1993 in the field of nature conservancy.  In 1998 the company expanded its activities into the tourist & hospitality industry.  The Selena Group now consists of 4 daughter companies, one of which is Steppe Nomads LLC. Mr. Batbold earned his PhD in the science of biology, has been working in this field for over 25 years. As a keen nature lover and avid traveller he concerns about the wildlife of Mongolia and initiates and implements projects of sustainable tourism and environment conservation. As Mr. Batbold has a great experience on doing researches and travelling all over the country, he knows every corner of Mongolian territory he shares his great knowledge of hidden fishing ponds and pristine places for remote adventures. He also loves photography and our website has been decorated with some of his great photos. You can contact him at:


Mrs. Khatanmunkh

Executive Director, Steppe Nomads 

Foreign language: English & Chinese

Khatanaa has worked in the hospitality field since her graduation from the Academy of Management in 2007.  In 2012, she joined Steppe Nomads.  She is responsible for overall management of Steppe Nomads Camp.   She loves her job and her hobbies are reading books, hiking and traveling in the beautiful Mongolian outdoors. 

Director of the Resort Mrs. J.Purevsuren

Mrs. Purevsuren

Vice-Director Steppe Nomads LLC

Foreign language: Russian

Purevsuren is a hardworking and strong woman and one of the co-founders of Selena Travel. She responsible for the investment and provision of Steppe Nomads. In 2010, she received an Honorary Certificate from the Ministry of Nature and Evironment for her accomplishment in the Mongolian tourist industry.   In her free time, she likes traveling overseas and spending time with her family.

Director of the Resort Mrs. J.Purevsuren

Mrs. Odonchimeg

Chef Steppe Nomads 

Odonchimeg is a very talented chef and has worked in the culinary field for over 20 years.  Her mission is to make our guests happy with her delicious meals.  She is an excellent singer and dancer and in her free time she loves sharing her cooking talents with her family and friends. 

Director of the Resort Mrs. J.Purevsuren

Mr. Purevdorj

Technician Steppe Nomads  

Purevdorj has worked for Steppe Nomads since we first opened our doors to the public.  He is responsible for the camp's energy supply and water supply and he is the expert on just about all things in Steppe Nomads eco camp. Purevdorj studies at the National University of Mongolia and during the winter months he works for the Gun-Galuut Local Community.  His hobby is fly-fishing and catch grasshoppers which he uses as bait for his fly-fishing passion.