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The bikes give you a great opportunity to travel in the amazing reserve and view the endangered wildlife species. Our first option is biking to Mt. Baits to view and photograph the Argali wild sheep and the White Naped Cranes and their little chick. Mt. Baits is 7km in the south of the camp, the route to the mountain is mostly good for bikes and a bit challenging in the mountains.

Also you can bird watch at the Lakes Ayaga and Ikh- Gun biking for some 5-9km.
The birthplace of D.Natsagdorj, the father of Mongolian contemporary literature is just 4km from the camp in the north east. Biking to the small monument marking the birthplace of this great man while visiting a nomadic family and seeing their
lifestyle is a great adventure.

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Mountain Biking Vacation: 

The best way to enjoy in Gun-Galuut, other than on animal back, is by cycling through this beautiful reserve on a mountain bike. 

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Recognised at the Eco Tourism Award 2005

Recognised at the Eco tourism award 2005