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The beautiful Baits & Berkh mountains tower the western shores of the River Kherlen and are elevated 1700m above sea level. These mountains are the main habitat of globally endangered Argali wild mountain sheep.

Mt.Baits is in the core zone of Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve and the Argali herds inhabit here all year around. During the mating season in autumn, some of the herds migrate to Mt.Berkh.

Even though, Argali wild sheep is a globally endangered species, Argali hunting is still going on in Mongolia. Argali is considered as the top hunting game in the world and Mongolia sells 80 Argali hunting licenses to hunters ever year. That’s why, Argali is so rare now.

In Gun-Galuut, over 200 Argalis are living peacefully, and it is the only place in Mongolia where one can view these beautiful animals from the closest distance. Our guests love viewing Argali and everyone can view and photograph them.
Not only Argalis inhabit Baits & Berkh mountains, but animals like Grey wolf, Fox, Corsac, Lynx, Marmot, Rabbit etc and birds like Black Vulture, Bearded Vulture, Eagles etc are seen here. Bearded Vulture and Black Vulture are enlisted in the red book. If you are lucky, wolves are seen.


Wildlife safari – Argali, rare birds and other wildlife viewing trips are taken as our best tours. You can view animals and birds by walking, horse riding, camel riding, yak cart travel or by driving. But please note that cars mustn’t access the core zones of the reserve, but they take you very close to the spot, where you can view the Argali. This trip consists of 2 parts, Argali viewing in Mt.Baits and White Naped Cranes viewing in the Ayaga wetland near the Mt.Baits.
Hiking trips – Gun-Galuut is a great place for hiking. You can get your lunch packed and hike Mt.Baits for a whole day enjoy the wildlife, nature beauty and wilderness, you will hike some 20-25km within a day. Mt.Baits is 5km from Steppe Nomads camp.

Horse riding trips: Horse riding is a great fun in Mt.Baits & Berkh. Argali herds don’t run away, so you can approach them and take photos. Local guide will guide you in the mountains and will make sure that you view Argali and other wildlife.

Recognised at the Eco Tourism Award 2005

Recognised at the Eco tourism award 2005