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Enjoy the mouthwatering Mongolian specialty Horhog (mutton/beef roasted on hot stones in metal container), Shashlik and cold drinks in the Paradise Garden gazebo which is located on the east side of Steppe Nomads,  close to the Kherlen River. 

Enjoy the peace and quiet of Paradise Garden while we prepare for you an authentic Mongolian roasted goat or lamb kebab.  Please order the Mongolian Barbeque one day in advance.  There is some additional charge for the Mongolian BBQ.

The Paradise Garden

We initiated the “Tumen Mod (10000 trees)” program in 2008. And in the last few years we planted over 1000 trees of 20 species including wild berries, birches and larches at Steppe Nomads. The Tumen Mod program is still on.