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We at Steppe Nomads believe that our camp should not impact the nature and culture of the area we are set. Therefore, we do our best to keep the camp an environmentally and culturally friendly since our start in 2004.

Supporting the locals:

•    We set aside a portion of the guiding revenue and donate that to the local Foundation that supports community activities
•    We provide job opportunities for the local nomad community
•    We educate our guests and locals about our community-based appraoch and our green policies and practices.
•    We buy meat and dairy products from the local nomad community
•    We sell handcrafts in our sourvenir shop made by local women
•    We offer guide services and horse, camel and yak rental provided by the local community.

Environmental activities:

    •    We grow our own vegetables for the meals served at our restaurant.
    •    We  provide supplemental feed such as salt blocks and hay for the endangered Argali sheep during the harsh
Mongolian               winters.                                           
    •    We provide accommodation for the researchers that study the endangered Argali sheep in Gun-Galuut
    •    We initiated the “10,000 tree” program in 2008 and in the last few years have planted about 20 species, or a 1,000 trees at Steppe Nomads
    •    We change the bed sheets only at the request of the guests.
Energy supply:

    •    We heat our water supply with solar energy.
    •    We use solar and wind energy.    

Waste management:

    •    We sort our trash and deliver it to the recycling center
    •    We no longer use a fax machine to decrease paper usage.  Instead, our guests make their reservations online.
    •    We filter the water to serve our guests to decrease plastic bottle usage.
    •    We use our organic waste as a compost and give it to feed the chickens at the local chicken farm.