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Tsengiin Burd (sometimes "Ayagiin Burd") wetland is a beautiful and rich wetland, a home for many species of animals and birds. The wetland is a wonderful complex of everything that a bird may need to live and breed.

Many endangered and rare water birds also occur in Gun-Galuut, namely, White-Naped Crane (Grus vipio), Swan Goose (Anser cygnoides), White-Tailed Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) is facing problems of extinction worldwide. It spends summers at Tsengiin Burd wetland of the NR peacefully.


Tsengiin Burd wetland is in the core zone of Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve. It’s well-conserved and 3km from our camp. Every guest can see world endangered species- White-naped Crane with babies.

White-Naped Crane or Grus vipio is seen in the Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve's Tsengiin Burd Wetland. Every year a pair of White-Naped Cranes spend the summer in the NR. Last summer, the pair got a young one! Further researches on their breeding etc haven't been made by now. The Gun-Galuut Association made protection fences around the Lake Ayaga and its wetland as the core areas of the NR to protect the Lake from domestic animals and human beings. In 2005, we are having 5 White-Naped Cranes! In 2007 have 3 couples and 2 babies.
World Population: ~4900-5300
Trend: Declining

Recognised at the Eco Tourism Award 2005

Recognised at the Eco tourism award 2005