True nomad experience. Ger was beautiful. Service and staff were great. Horse back ride with Dondog was wonderful-saw cranes and about 25 argali sheep. Truly a Mongolian trip.
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Basing upon our years of experience, we have developed an eco-friendly and highly comfortable ger camp - small, natural and authentic. 
A ger is a traditional Mongolian dwelling and is very durable. Our gers are made of wood, felt and other natural insulation materials. Gers are designed to withstand the strong steppe winds and are heated with wood stoves. On the inside, a ger is lined with natural insulation materials: woolen blankets and woolen insulation panels which make gers a warm and comfortable shelter during harsh winters and a cool dwelling in summertime. A ger is easily assembled and disassembled, and its components can be loaded on a couple of camels or on a yak cart. It is made of a wooden framework covered by large pieces of felt. A decorative cloth covering is laid over the felt. The ropes which go around the ger, called “bus” (belts), are usually made of braided horse mane and tail hair. The wooden framework consists of collapsible walls “hana”, topped by poles (uni) radiating from a central round shaped window called "toono". Gers are well known for providing a wonderful balance between nature and comfort. Our gers are spacious and come with comfortable, wide beds, soft linen and extra blankets for cooler nights. Rather than electrical bulbs, at night candles illuminate the gers.
There are no TVs or telephones in the gers.

Mongolian Ger Heating

Upon your request, during colder evenings, our ger keepers will start a fire for you in your wood stove to keep you warm and cozy.
We offer two kinds of ger accommodation: Luxury ger and Cozy ger.
All gers are fully furnished with traditional, colorful Mongolian furniture and comfortable single and double beds.  They come fully furnished with blankets, pillows, bedding, towels, candles and matches, glasses, thermos can, etc.  Luxury gers also have armchairs and a few battery operated lights.