True nomad experience. Ger was beautiful. Service and staff were great. Horse back ride with Dondog was wonderful-saw cranes and about 25 argali sheep. Truly a Mongolian trip.
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The annual Nomads' Day festival was held successfully on 17-18 September for its 8th year in amazing Gun-Galuut nature reserve.

The Nomads' Day festival gave the participants the chance to get introduced to real Mongolian culture and hospitality within only 2 days.

Local nomads from Bayandelger and Arkhust soums of Tuv province and Baganuur district of Ulaanbaatar showed the visitors their unique nomadic cultural heritages and true hospitality of steppe nomads. On the 1st day of the festival the nomads competed in teams at "The Nomads' Day" competition showing how well they are practicing their nomadic traditions and "Gray Horse" team from Bayandelger soum won for its 4th time. The "Steppe Melodies" folk music competition also took place and older`s group from Baganuur district won. "Metropolitan Guys" tourists' competition was very competitive and honeymooners James Delaney and his wife from Canada won the other 4 teams. On the 2nd day of the festival, a beauty contest between local rider couples took place and the participants witnessed the Three Manly Games of Mongolia: archery, wrestling and horse racing. Selena Travel Group and Baganuur coal mine sponsored this year's festival.

This year, 2 local nomadic teams competed in the Nomads' Day nomadic cultural competition and Gray Horse team of Bayandelger topped for showing their knowledge and skills. It's their 4nd victory so far. 5 tasks of traditional nomadic customs including using traditional means of transport such as yak cart, camel cart etc, building their gers in the shortest time and welcoming the guests for tea, male members catching and breaking in horses, female members making ropes with camel wool and collecting dung for fire and little members playing traditional Mongolian game Shagai to show their mental capacities were performed.

2 music groups from 2 different soums took part in the Steppe Melodies folk art competition and Folk Melodies group from Baganuur won with their magnificent  dances and songs. The groups were to perform a song, a dance, a musical performance and another art of free choice within 25 minutes.

Honeymooners James and wife from Canada took the 1st prize among 5 teams competed in Metropolitan Guys tourists' competition. 

Couple from Bayandelger Mr. Jargalsaikan and his wife nyamsuren showed their talents and won in the Beauty of the Steppes competition. 

16 strong wrestlers took part in the wrestling and Batchuluun.Kho - the Lion of Tuv province won. Last year, 32 wrestlers took part in the competition.

Archery attracted more people this year as the archers competed with a new type in the Khalkha archery called "Esunkhe", one of the most challenging archery of the Mongols. Master of Archery Mr. Nyamsuren.G took the 1st place and master of archery Mr. Jargalsaikhan took the 2nd place. Congratulations! 

Horse racing was for adult year old horses (7 years old or older), considered to be the strongest of all horses. Horse racer from Tuv province Shagdar won in the race with his marvelous chestnut horse. 

In the evening of 18 Sep - the final day of the joyful festival all guests enjoyed "Delicacies for Genghis" gala dinner at Steppe Nomads camp. Everyone admired the mouth watering steppe delicacies and drinks and took pictures with the competition winners for their inspiring Mongolian memories.


Recognised at the Responsible Tourism Awards 2009

Recognised at the Responsible Tourism Awards 2009