True nomad experience. Ger was beautiful. Service and staff were great. Horse back ride with Dondog was wonderful-saw cranes and about 25 argali sheep. Truly a Mongolian trip.
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Fun Activities at camp

It is a great fun and a nice way to relax. We offer the following options for those who rent kayaks

Gun-Galuut is famous for being the home to globally endangered wildlife and most importantly, the wildlife is seeable. 

You can fish in the camp yard about 300m from the gers and there are numerous good fishing spots close to the camp along the Kherlen River. 

The Mongols have used the bows and arrows since the time immemorial as a sport between tribes, weapon for battles

The bikes give you a great opportunity to travel in the amazing reserve and view the endangered wildlife species. 

Exciting activities by Local Community

Community Association was founded in 2002 and is a social service non-government organization

To ride horse and camel is a great fun and you have a opportunity to do that. 

The local nomads in Gun-Galuut are fabulous! They are the friendliest people that you will ever meet. 


Amazingly, Gun-Galuut is the state combined from diversity of ecosystem although it owns comparatively small area. 

The beautiful Baits & Berkh mountains tower the western shores of the River Kherlen and are elevated 1700m above sea level. 

The Kherlen River is one of the biggest rivers in the Eastern Mongolia within the Pacific basin.

Every autumn in early October, hundreds of Whooper Swans gather at Lakes Ayaga and Ikh-Gun of Gun-galuut Nature Reserve. 

Tsengiin Burd (sometimes "Ayagiin Burd") wetland is a beautiful and rich wetland, a home for many species of animals and birds. 

There are numerous significant historical remains and sites in amazing Gun-Galuut nature reserve including a magnificent Hunnu period (209 BC) deer stone