True nomad experience. Ger was beautiful. Service and staff were great. Horse back ride with Dondog was wonderful-saw cranes and about 25 argali sheep. Truly a Mongolian trip.
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Temuujin's Guest house

Selena travel

Wetland Bird Watching - 8 days
Yak Cart Journey -3 days
Wildlife Safari on Horse - 3 days
Gun-Galuut: Land of Argali - 8 days


Solid Ways Travel Agency

Gun-Galuut & Terelj Short Trip- 3 days
Gun-Galuut- Hustai Short Tour - 3 days


Juulchin Tourism Corporation

Huduu Aral Tour - 3 days


One World Travel

Mongolia Classic Journey - 14 days
Historical Mongolia - 11 days


Mongolian Ways

National Parks Short Tour - 4 days


Samar Magic Tours

Mongolia Experience Nature Tour - 8 days
Horseback riding from Tuul to Gun-Galuut- 8 days

Mongolia Hotels Online Booking

Mogul Travel

Gobi, Gun Galuut, Lake Ogii, Karakoruim - 11 days


Baila's Tours

Mongolia Eco tour - 8 days
Mongolia Fishing tour - 4 days
Mongolia Horse trekking tour - 12 days
Mongolia Adventure tours - 12 days


Bal Tours

Tov/ Central tour - 2 days


Great Chinggis Expeditions

The land of Genghis Khan -14 days


Steppe Mongolia

Eco tours/ Bird Watching tours - 11 days


Tseren Tours

Nomads Day Festival



Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve Tour



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Adventure Center (USA)

Mongolian Odyssey - 25 days

Regent Holidays (UK)

Highlights of Khaan Khentii Nuruu Mountains -8 days

Real Gap (UK)

Volunteer Mongolia - 6 days

Guerba World Travel (UK)

Mongolia Nadaam Festival Celebration - 10 days

Shaolin Viaggi (China)

Horseback riding in Genghis Khan's Steppe - 8 days

Ikh Chin (Singapore)

On The Trans-Siberian Railway - 18 days

Jade Tours (Canada)

Mongolia & Gobi Desert - 11 Days

Mammal Watching (Australia)

Ulaanbaatar and Eastern Mongolia -12 days

Asia Tours (UK )

Trekking to the Great Khaan's Palace - 15 days

Phoenix Travel (USA)

Nomadic Lifestyle Journey - 15 days

Travel blog (UK)

Gun Galuut Nature Reserve (Steppe Nomads Camp)

Sundowners Travel (UK & Australia)

Mongolian Odyssey- Discovery - 25 days

Travel Library (International)

Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve Tour - 2 days

L'agenda du Routard

Jour des nomades à Gun-Galuut

Dromen (Belguim)

Mongolie -15 dag

Mundoexplora (Spain)

Aventura en el desierto de Gobi - Mongolia - 15 días

Far East Tours (South Africa)

Ancient Capital of Mongolian Empire - 8 Days

GUTL (Hong Kong)

Mongolia Excurtion Tour - Gun Galuut - 2 days

Tibet Family Tours (Nepal)

Mongolia tour -15 days